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November 17, 2017
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November 17, 2017

Wood Deck Tiles

The architects and clients are looking for new products and innovative solutions to decorate the exterior space? Now we are pleased to introduce you a brand new of Wood Deck Tiles which surely meet your demand.

Wood Deck Tiles has always been considering as a luxury product for exterior spaces. Unlike other types of outdoor flooring such as red bricks, stones, natural wood floors create more luxury space which is also close to the nature.
Outdoor wood flooring is a new trend in Vietnam for decorating exterior space. Application of wood deck tiles is very diverse as for bathrooms, balconies, corridors, aisles, pools...

A very important feature of this product is water resistant that is specifically designed for outdoor application bringing warmth, unique, luxury and beauty for your own space.

Wood deck tile is manufactured in Vietnam from non-toxic materials with advanced technologies remaining its beauty of natural wood and improving its durability even placed under tropical weather.
Wood Deck Tiles are made of solid acacia or eucalyptus wood with plastic bases
Product dimension: 300x300x19mm - 300x300x24mm or custom
Style: 4 slats deck tile, 6 slats deck tile, 12 slats deck tiles.
Top of Deck Tile: Acacia slat
Base of deck tile: PP plastic
Acacia wooden garden tiles are used for outdoor covering, decks, balcony, basement floor, swimming pool floor which are easy installing & removing as well as anti termite.
Material: acacia wood and other kinds of hardwood
Finishing: covered oil coating to maintain its durability and natural color
Standard acacia decking tile:
+ Natural wood 

+ Anti termite

+ Anti curling

+ Anti slipping

+ Waterproof

+ Luxury architectural space

Natural wood floor keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. It also decorates your balcony as natural harmony with the quality level of a luxury resort. For more attractive, you could add colorful flowers and soil as well. As a result, you will have a green space helping you relax after a long stressful working day.

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