How To Install Wood Deck Tiles

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November 17, 2017
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How To Install Wood Deck Tiles

Deck tiles floor can be installed without complex process. The wood deck tiles can totally make your floor special as previous look. what we should do to cover your floor by wood deck tiles??

Preparation tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Saw to cut if needed


1, Calculate how many wood deck tiles you need to buy

As normal, deck tiles have size of 300 x300mm. You need to calculate floor square, then balance with number of wood deck tiles needed. Before install, you should check the ground level as well. Make sure it is flat area without weed.

2, Carefully clean up the area before lay out the floor. It is really important to keep your place look flat and water proof.

3, Lay the tiles: Easily, you start from one coner, expand to others. Wood deck tiles is linked by plastic base which help water run out of floor. You only need to connect the plastic base by clips. Still there are gaps between the assembled tiles which protect it in hard weather. For example, in high temperature, the gaps help if the tiles expands

4, Cut the Deck Tiles

The tiles may not totally fit the areas, you can cut the deck tiles by saw. Use the tape to see how long the left are, cut materials according to, then lay it on as normal

5, Hide Tabs on Outside Deck Tiles

The tiles at the edge of the area will display the plastic tabs used for interlocking. To hide these, you can buy reducer pieces that match the tiles. These lock into place and form a pleasant edge to the area. You can also buy corner reducing pieces.

Now all are done. The rest is enjoy the new nice floor.

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